Clear Channel Communications is an equal opportunity employer. We believe our creativity and productivity are best when we bring together people of all backgrounds, ethnicity and gender. Therefore, Clear Channel strongly encourages men and women of all races and backgrounds to apply for positions for which they are qualified. Moreover, Clear Channel hires employees based on their experience, talent and qualifications for the job. Discrimination or harassment based on race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, disability or any other characteristic protected by law is strictly prohibited. In support of our policy, and in accordance with the equal employment opportunity rules of the Federal Communications Commission, KOCN-FM, KDON-FM, KTOM-FM, KION-AM, KPRC-FM are seeking organizations interested in distributing information about employment opportunities to job seekers or refers job seekers to employers. In particular, we would request and appreciate your efforts to refer qualified minority and female applicants. If you would like to receive a listing of job vacancies, please provide the required information that follows, and return it to my attention at:

Elsa Lopez
903 n. Main St.
Sallinas, CA 93906

If possible, we would like to expedite our postings to you by e-mail. We can e-mail or fax to you job vacancy notices. Thank you for your assistance. If you know of any other organizations which may be of assistance in our equal employment opportunity effort, we would appreciate you forwarding that information to us.

Elsa Lopez
EEO Coordinator
Please include: Name of Organization; mailing address; e-mail address (if applicable); telephone/fax; contact person; category or categories of vacancies for which you request notice (you may request notice of all vacancies).


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